Project Description

    Bambi Pang Pang
    Musicians Seppe Gebruers, Laurens Smet and Viktor Perdieus are all members of the septet Ifa y Xango (winners Young Jazz Talent Gent 2011), which released its debut album “Abraham” last year. With this line-up they have embarked on a musical quest, in an attempt to reveal each of their personalities by means of original improvisation structures.
    They started this project commissioned by the festival ‘Jazz Middelheim’ and the conservatory of Antwerp. Whereby they could play on the festival with the legendary drummer Andrew Cyrille (who worked with Cecil Taylor, Coltrane, Coleman Hawkins, Mal Waldron,…).
    For this occasion they invite the great drummer Jakob Warmenbol who plays with Viktor and Laurens in his band ‘Bolhaerd’ and has also played with Seppe for more than ten years.

    Jakob Warnenbol, drums, alumni
    Jakob Warmenbol (1988) started drumming at the age of 12.
    Two years later his interest in jazz grew after going to a summerschool in Dworp (Brussels) where he had lessons from Billy Hart & Dré Pallemaerts, among others. In 2006 he started his studies with Dré Pallemaerts at the Lemmensinstituut, Leuven, and participated in various workshops with musicians such as Adam Nussbaum, Mark Turner, Bill Carrothers, Dave Douglas, Eric Thielemans, Marek Patrman, Dave Liebmann,… In 2010 he continued his studies at the Conservatory of Antwerp, where he had lessons with Teun Verbruggen and graduaded in 2011. At the moment Jakob is part of a few working bands: a trio called ‘Leksak’ with Johan Graden (piano, SE) and Laurens Smet (bass BE), a trio with Jean Dousteyssier (clarinet, FR) and Lennart Heyndels (bass, BE), ‘The Unrevealed Society’ (won ‘XL jazz competition’ Brussels and ‘Jong Jazztalent Gent’ 2012) with Léo Dupleix (piano, FR), Gregor Siedl (sax, AT) and Pol Belardi (bass, LU), an afrobeat band called ‘World Squad’ and a pop/rock band called ‘Robbing Millions’.
    He had the opportunity to perform and work together with some reknown musicians such as Greg Cohen (Jazz Middelheim Festival 2012), Jorrit Dijkstra, John Hollenbeck, Joachim Badenhorst, Sanne Van Hek, Guillaume Orti, Antoine Virard, Ben Sluijs, Erwin Vann, Manolo Cabras, Nic Thys, Augusto Pirodda, … and many others in various temporary projects.

    Laurens Smet, double bass
    Laurens Smet (1988) started playing electric bass at age 15.
    Later he discovered double bass and improvised music when he started studying at “Dé Kunsthumaniora” in Antwerp with Piet Verbist. He studied three years at the Lemmensinstituut in Leuven with Nicolas Thys and Jos Machtel, before getting accepted to the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm. There, he had the chance to study with Frederik Ljungkvist, Joakim Milder, David Stackenäs and Klas Nevrin. At the moment Laurens is finishing his masters degree at the Conservatory of Antwerp with Nicolas Thys.
    He won the 2011 Gent Jazz competition with his band “Ifa y Xango”. They played on the mainstage at the 2012 Gent jazz festival. Was selected to play at renowed jazz club Fasching Stockholm with Strinning/Graden/Smet/Nilsson. Had the chance to follow lessons from Ben Street, Pascal Niggenkemper, Trevor Dunn, Tyshawn Sorey, Lena Willemark, Jim Black, Andrew D’Angelo,… Bands: Ifa y Xango, did a Jazzlab tour in 2012 and released an eponymous titled recording in October 2012. Leksak trio, a trio with swedish pianist Johan Graden and belgian drummer Jakob Warmenbol. Toured the Benelux and Stockholm in the spring/summer of 2012.
    Recorded an album in 2013, to be released. Bolhaerd, a quartet led by belgian drummer Jakob Warmenbol. Free improvisation on composed structures. Strinning/Graden/Smet/Nilsson. A co-leadership effort from all the members. Members are from Switserand (Sebastian Strinning), Sweden (Johan Graden), Belgium (Laurens Smet) and Finland (Oskar Nilsson). Played in Stockholm on several occasions in 2011-2012 at Fasching, Fylkingen and Hellsten.

    Seppe Gebruers, piano
    Seppe Gebruers (1990) started to play piano when he was 8 years old.
    Four years later, he had lessons of the well known Belgian piano player Jef Neve and later he had lessons with Kris Defoort, Erik Vermeulen, Bill Carrothers, Jozef Dumoulin, Mark Levine and many others. The same year, Seppe started to play with a piano trio called ‘JazzFact’ (with Jakob Warmenbol and Nathan Wouters). They played a lot of concerts in clubs, theatres and festivals in Belgium and won the contest called ‘Music Live’ in 2004. Seppe also won other contests like Yotam and ‘My First Night’ in the same year.
    In 2008 he went to the conservatory of Antwerp. He had classical piano lessons with Levente Kende and Heidi Hendrikx and jazz piano with Erik Vermeulen. He co-founded a septet called Ifa y Xango (ifa= wisdom and xango= fire). They play own compositions and improvisation. In 2011 the band was awarded for winning that year’s contest Jong Jazztalent Gent, which is organized by the Gent Jazz Festival. One year later they released their debut album called ‘Abraham’, playing a lot of concerts in Belgium and receiving a lot of positive press reviews. The Last 4 years he also co-founded the piano duo called ‘Antiduo’ with his piano teacher Erik Vermeulen.
    They recorded an album that is going to be released in September 2013. He also recorded with the popband Mount Meru’s debut cd ‘Arbre’. Seppe wrote a lot of music the last years for theatre pieces from the theatre collective ‘Tibaldus en andere hoeren’. He also wrote and played the music for the movie ‘Het zwijgen van Helena’ from Pieter Dumoulin.

    Viktor Perdieus, saxophone
    Viktor Perdieus (1986) plays the saxophone since the age of eight and began to play jazz when he was seventeen. After a preparatory year with Bart Defoort he studied jazz at the conservatorium of Antwerp with Ben Sluijs and Kurt Van Herk. He started on alto and later changed to tenor. In his master he did an exchange year in Göteborg (Sweden), where he had classes with Anders Jormin and Thomas Jäderlund. In Göteborg he made different kinds of international bands such as Elevator Music, an improvisation trio with drums and trombone, and F.O.T.B., a modern jazz quartet, with whom he played in different countries. The bands and projects Viktor plays in, can be  very different in style and cast, but improvisation is always a key word, eather in a jazz context or more free. For the moment he is the most active in the band Ifa y Xango, they improvise, sometimes based on own written material (compositions, melodies, grooves), sometimes totally free. Besides that he has a jazz trio with Jakob Warmenbol and Lennart Heyndels, an improvisation duo with drummer Louis Evrard and the band Bamako Project with the Swedish oud player Filip Bagewitz, they play Oriental/African/Indian based music. Also as a composer Viktor always searches new challenges, writing for instance for string quartet and tenor saxophone.

    Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen – Koninklijk Conservatorium, Belgium
    The Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, which was founded by Peter Benoit in 1898, was the first Dutch-language institute for art education. For more than a hundred years, musicians – instrumentalists, singers, composers, conductors and teachers – have been trained here. In 1993 the option Jazz and Popular Music was added to the classical courses. In 1995 the Royal Flemish Conservatoire became part of the Antwerp University College (now Artesis University College Antwerp). Courses are organized in line with the provisions of the decree of 13 July 1994 on the universities and colleges of higher education in the Flemish Community. Many laureates of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp have made an important contribution to music both in Flanders and internationally. The teaching staff includes many world famous artists and educators (20% international staff and student population).