Project Description

    Dancing Sheets
    A sound installation containing 8 white sheets of silk paper hanging from metal hangers. Papers “dancing” in the wind thanks to a fan, this created a frail sound from the papers combined with the soft buzzing from the fan.

    Staffan Mossenmark, sound artist, teacher
    Mossenmark is often seen as a boundarie breaker, a person who has went his own way. Internationally Mossenmarks compositions has been performed at concerts at the radio and TV, aswell as around Europe as in USA, Canada, Japan, China and Australia.
    Mossenmark is often hired as a lecturer and leader of workshops at art, architect and design schools both in Sweden and internationally. In Sweden Mossenmark teaches in soundart by the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg and is involved in the sound research group USIT – Urban Sound Institute.
    A big part of Mossenmarks artistry and composing is the interest of our everyday sounds and the sounding things that surrounds us everyday. By composing with sounds that you can easily recognize, Mossenmark has managed to reach out to a general audience, outside the traditional music and culture audience. To communicate and invite a audience that has no special knowledge and this way try to break the borders and hierarchies, is an important and central goal.

    Academy of music and drama – University of Gothenburg, Sweden
    The Academy of Music and Drama trains and educates composers, music and theatre teachers, musical theatre artists, musicians in many genres, opera-singers and actors.
    This means that we represent a unique breadth among artistic academies in Sweden, with unique opportunities for cooperating across genre limits. We have over 150 teachers who are often engaged in several different programmes and courses, as are the many guest teachers visiting us for shorter or longer periods. Our students number about 700. The Artisten building was completed in 1992, and it caters for our need of premises for our diverse activities.
    The Head of the Academy since 15 February 2010 is Staffan Rydén.
    The Academy of Music and Drama is the largest of the departments belonging to the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Gothenburg. In cooperation with the Faculty, we carry out postgraduate education and research in several different fields.