Project Description

    Idée Fixe
    The ensemble’s main artistic goal is the dissemination of contemporary music creation. It focuses on music written in the 20th & 21st century, seeking answers to questions concerning the names and the identity of this repertoire, the subtle silences, the unexpected influences, the deviations, the deletions and the ramifications of material which is still open and evolving. Based in Thessaloniki (Greece) on a core formation of soloists specialized in new music, shaping a flexible musical ensemble of any needed size.
    From promoting works by Greek composers to blending the arts (music and dance, music and literature),the musicians of the ensemble attempt to rediscover the sound as body, thought and feeling, imagination and memory. The ensemble performs at prestigious concert and art venues, as well as in major international festivals in Greece and abroad, forging relationships with important artists and cultural institutions in order to secure the preconditions for effective actions, collaborations and discoveries through music creation.
    The ensemble has already many appearances, some of those were at Goldsmith University- Russian Center of Music in London and Huddersfield University (U.K) Guarnerius Art Center (Serbia), Concerti del Chiostro-(Italy),Instanbul University,Yasar University & Klasik Keyifler Festival(Turkey) Musica Polonica Nova Festival (Poland), Synthermia International Music Festival & Competition of Composition(Greece)State Museum of Contemporary Art(Greece),KOTH underground festival (Greece),Greek Composers Union concert series/Athens(Greece),Yannis Papaioannou International Music Festival(Greece),International Summer Music Academy(Greece) etc.
    Since 2004 is “ensemble in Residence” in the Municipal Conservatory of Thermi in Greece.In 2013(September) the ensemble is ensemble in Residence of the Megaron Concert Hall in Thessaloniki(Greece).Distinguished contemporary composers have dedicated some of their works to the ensemble and the ensemble performed their world premieres. For 2013 the ensemble is collaborating with the Lutoslawsky Quartet(Poland). The ensemble has performed with the conductors of Vladimiros Simeonidis, Miltos Logiadis, Dimitris Dimopoulos, Alexander Myrat and Theodore Antoniou.

    Artistic Director, teacher – Erato Alakiozidou
    Project Director, teacher – Vassilis Kitsos
    Bayan, teacher – Konstantinos Raptis
    Saxophone, teacher – Theofilos Sotiriades

    Konstantinos Raptis, bayan, teacher
    Konstantinos Raptis was born in Ioannina/ Greece in 1973. He received his first musical lessons at the age of seven and studied piano with N.Michailidou, advanced theory with J. Papadatos and musicology in the department of Music Studies of the National Capodistrian University of Athens, where he is currently a Phd candidate. Since 1995 he is leaving in Germany where he has studied accordion at the State Academy of Music in Hannover with Prof. Elsbeth Moser.
    In the course of his studies Konstantinos Raptis has been the recipient of scholarships by the “Alexander S. Onassis” and the “I. Michelis” Foundations, and he has also been awarded numerous prizes in international competitions. He attended seminars with G.Hatziniko, T.Anzelloti and S.Gubaidulina during the Festival of Avignon. He has performed in many European countries as a soloist as well as with ensembles of chamber music,very often presenting works in first performances. He also performed with orchestras such as the Academia Santa Cecilia, the Orchestra of the State Opera “Unter den Linden” Berlin, the NDR Hamburg and Hannover, the Kamerata of Athens and the “Patras Soloists”. He regularly collaborates with Dimitri Kountouras(recorder)and together they found “Duo Goliardi” where recently realized their first cd .He is a member of the quartet “Tangos a Cuatro” with discography and also a member of Trio Gorrion, and of Ensemble Megaphon. He works with several composers, among them E. Karaindrou, T. Antoniou, G.Kyriakakis, and has already recorded for ECM (Eleni Karaindrou, “The weeping meadow” and for Arkys Productions (George Kyriakakis, “Ulalum”).
    Along with the concert activities, he has participated in accordion competitions, receiving honorary distinctions in Klingenthal, Castelfidardo, Moers, Baden Baden and Hanover.Since 2005, has been teaching in the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia, in Thessaloniki/Greece and in the Hanover University of Music and Drama.

    Theofilos Sotiriades, saxophone, teacher
    Theofilos Sotiriades was born in Thessaloniki (Greece) and graduated from the Faculty of Psychology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He studied classical saxophone with distinctions in Greece (State Conservatory of Thessaloniki), in France (National Conservatory of Creteil-Paris) and he got his master degree from Bowling Green State University in USA.
    The development and diffusion of the “Hellenic” saxophone is the main concern of his artistic and pedagogical activity expressed through extensive recordings, official participation in International Music Festivals and scientific research. Ηe is also a supporter of the holistic music pedagogy such as breathing technique, relaxation, mind training, memorization, visualization etc. Distinguished contemporary Greek composers have dedicated some of their works to him and he performed their world premieres (more than thirty).
    Theofilos is the creator of Macedonian Saxophone Quartet and the saxophone orchestra “KuKluxSax”. He is also founding member of the contemporary music ensemble “Idée Fixe”. He has a teaching position in the University of Macedonia, in the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki and the Municipal Conservatory of Thermi.

    Municipal Conservatory of Thermi, Greece
    The Municipal Conservatory of Thermi (MCT) was founded in 1994. Its foundation comprised the continuation of a 10-year effort of developing artistic education through courses of the Municipal Cultural Centre.
    It is housed in the building of the Cultural Centre of Thermi. In the context of this effort for provision of high-standard music studies to all citizens of the Municipality, the Municipal Conservatory of Thermi gives the opportunity to all young people of all Municipal regions to develop their talent with separate courses functioning in these regions in the local Cultural Centres. Nowadays, the number of students is more than 600 and its staff is around 60 music professors. The Conservatory also has created four music ensembles
    In 2008 the Municipal Conservatory of Thermi was awarded with a special award by the GREEK THEATRE AND MUSIC REVIEWERS UNION as the best cultural organization outside the country’s capital area Music ensembles.

    – The student orchestra “CON FUOCO” 1st award of the HON competition, special award “beyond competition”, 2006. In 2009 the “Con Fuoco orchestras” won the 1st prize in the jazz orchestras category in the “Young – 2009” competition in Prague.
    – The Saxophone Orchestra “KU KLUX SAX”
    – The Child and Youth Mixed Choir
    – The instrumental contemporary music ensemble “IDEE FIXE”.
    Annual events
    – The annual Festival of Children and Youth Choirs
    – The student exchanges among Municipal Conservatories
    – The young artists recitals and monthly student concerts
    – The educational trips abroad in big European cities (up to now Rome, Paris, Lisbon and Prague)
    – Seminars and educational programmes.
    – The concert cycles “Music Wednesdays” and “Days of contemporary music”
    – The Contemporary Music Festival “Synthermia”.
    – Collectors’ publications of the Contemporary Music Festival “Synthermeia” 2005, (2007 in press)
    – “CON FUOCO” magazine | free press on-line magazine | monthly updated; Publication of the Teachers’ Association of MCT
    – 20 years since official foundation | 1994 – 2014