Project Description

    Oficina de Ruídos Musicais
    Close your eyes and listen. Listen.
    Suddenly the world that is around us is built not with images but with sounds. We begin to hear the sound of the birds, the sound of the cars, doors slamming or our footseps in the gravel in a complex spontaneous symphony.
    In this workshop we will learn how to make music with the sounds that surround us, from the engine of a car to the sound of an out of tune violin. We just need to listen carefully to free ourselves from the traditional concepts of music and musical instruments and leave for a trip through the universe of sounds.

    Gustavo Costa, alumni
    Born in Porto, Portugal, 1976.
    Studied percussion, music technology, sonology, composition and music theory and is currently attending a PhD in Digital Media at Feup, Porto.
    In the last 20 years has played and collaborated with Três Tristes Tigres, Alfred Harth, John Zorn´s Cobra, Fritz Hauser, Damo Suzuki, Jamie Saft, Raz Mesinai, Arthur Doyle and many others.
    He is currently working in the fields of electroacoustic music, sound art, free improvisation and underground counterculture, having performed in 19 european countries, USA and Lebanon.

    Porto Superior School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE), Portugal
    Porto’s Superior School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE), belonging to the Porto’s Polytechnic Institute (IPP) emerged (1994), after the extinction of the Superior School of Music, with intention to widen its offer of graduation courses to other artistic areas beyond music. Nowadays, ESMAE encloses three departments: Music (instrument, singing, composition, early music, jazz, production and music technologies); Theatre and Visual Arts.ESMAE has developed varied partnerships in order to give a chance to its students to show their work, off campus through concerts and festivals.
    ESMAE has nearly 830 students and 140 teachers. ESMAE has got more than 90 cooperation agreements with international institutions and has been taking part in European projects since 2003;active partner in AEC and ELIA (performing arts european associations), in several ERASMUS IPs such as Operamedia, IICS, SACS, La Follia, Phoenix and promoter of several national and international festivals like HARMOS festival, IRI and SET.