Project Description

    The Frank Windemuller Quartet
    The music of pianist Frank Windemuller is known for it’s expressiveness, authenticity and intelligence. He has a unique voice, a beautiful tone and he knows how to establish a deep musical connection with his audience.
    With the Frank Windemuller quartet he plays his own compositions, pieces in which he explores form and free improvisation, rhythm and melody on different levels. His compositions as well as his playing are a kaleidoscopic landscape of all the music he feels connected to, be it jazz, classical music, free improvised music or rock music. The concerts are about experiencing the moment, about constant flow and magic.

    Frank Windemuller, piano
    Frank Windemuller was born in Venray (Netherlands) in 1975.He studied jazz piano and composition at the conservatories of Tilburg and Arnhem, with (a.o.) Jeroen van Vliet, Rembrandt Frerichs, Rob van den Broeck and Frans van der Tak (classical).
    He’s mainly playing in the jazz/improvised field, but was also active in modern theatre, in funk and latin music, with stand-up poetry, and as a bass guitar player in rockmusic. He played with (amongst others): Benjamin Herman, Dean (screaming headless torso’s), Nick Bisesi, Hans Dulfer, Tony Liotta, Simon Vinkenoog, Miguel Boelens, Mete Erker, Nynke Laverman, State of Monc, Sid Hille, Wiro Mahieu, Etienne Nillesen.
    For more information about Frank Windemuller and his quartet, as well as his other projects, take a look at

    David Romanello, alto saxophone
    At the age of thirteen David Romanello started playing the Alto saxophone. After being a student for 5 years at the music school in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, his desire was to study at the Conservatory of Tilburg. In 2008, he auditioned and was admitted to the Conservatory   where he is currently studying at the Master of Music. He received his Bachelor of Music in 2012.
    Meanwhile, David has extensive experience in professional practice. In 2008, the Soul Legend Percy Sledge went on tour with his band and David Romanello was invited to go with them as one of the horn players. They visited a lot of countries all around Europe, for example Belgium, Germany, France, Austria and Monaco.
    In 2010, he joined the Siena Summer School project where he studied with Jazz masters like Jim Snidero, Bobby Watson, Michael Blake, Avishai Cohen and Omer Avital. In 2012 he went on tour with the Chelsea Foreman Quintet to China and played in five different cities, including Shanghai. In the same year he was nominated for the Conservatory Jazz Talent Award and the Jacques de Leeuw prize, where students with great qualities and ambitions where presented. He even won a Jazz Contest in Middelburg with his own Quartet.
    Nowadays, David Romanello is spending his time composing his own music.
    In addition David is a very multi-faceted Saxophone player, and next to his own jazz Quartet he also performs with many other bands. Look for his activities on

    Joost Verbakel, double bass
    Joost Verbakel (1987) bass player, living in rotterdam.
    He studied both classical and jazz double bass at the conservatories of Rotterdam and Tilburg. He received lessons from Ruud van der Meulen, Peter Leerdam, Rob Dirksen, Marc van Rooij and Ludo van der Winkel.
    Because of his interest in various music styles he played with a lot of orchestra’s and ensembles in concert halls troughout the Netherlands.
    He also participated in several concert tours to: Prague, Porto, Vienna, St. Petersburg and many more.

    Tom Nieuwenhuijse, drums
    Tom Nieuwenhuijse was born on 27 october 1988 in Dordrecht. From a young age, Tom was inspired by the sound of the drums. When he was 4 years old, his parents gave him a drum kit made out of plastic. This one was played until it literally fell a part. Everywhere Tom went, the drumkit had to come with him, even on vacation! At the age of 7 his parents decided to send him to a music school, Dubbelsteyn in Dordrecht. He had lessons with Peter Bansberg, a great classical percussion player and teacher. At the age of 15, he went to Eelco de Boer, a great popdrummer. At the age of 13, Tom was very active as a sideman in different bands, especially in church choirs. For him it was a great challenge and opportunity to accompany a choir and to play with dynamics. It is really hard, especially at that age, to play with dynamics and volume, especially when the vocals and piano were acoustic. In this situation, Tom really learned how to play in a band.
    Besides the choirs, Tom created and gave many drum/percussion workshops on highschool and was also active as a bandleader on highschool for some musicals. At the age of 19, Tom was admitted to the Fontys Conservatorium in Tilburg. For jazz, he had lessons with Frans van Grinsven and Hans van Oosterhout. For classical percussion, he had lessons with Hans Raaijmakers. Tom can play mallets, timpani and snare-drum as well. Tom had masterclasses from the following musicians: Enrique Firpi, Martijn Vink, Peter Erskine, John Riley, Harmen Fraanje, Tony Malaby, Chris Strik, Marcel Serierse, Rene Creemers and others. In 2013 Tom graduated from the Fontys Conservatorium. He now has a Bachelor-degree.
    In theatre, Tom has performed with: Remko Harms ( L.A the Voices, Op zoek naar Joseph ), Ruud van Overdijk ( Op zoek naar Zorro ), Daniel Cohen ( Theater director and writer ), and many other. With Jazz, he has performed with: Rembrandt Frerichs, Marc van Rooij, Harmen Fraanje, Jeroen van Vliet, Mete Erker, Jonny Boston, Paul Weiling, Ferhan Otay and many others. He had also the privilege to meet and play before the great Quincy Jones on the Montreux Jazzfestival 2011! Quincy loved his playing: ‘Ah man, you sound awesome!’
    Nowadays he plays in many different bands, to name a few: Esther van Hees ( we have won many awards, like the Conservatorium Talent Award 2013! ), David Romanello quartet ( we have won the Junior Jazz Award ), Frank Windemuller quartet, Jonny Boston and the Jazzsuits and the new pop/singer-songwriter formation: Two of a Kind.
    Besides playing the drums, he also plays piano. Because of the piano, Tom is active as a composer for his own group. He is nominated with his own compositions for the Muziekprijs 2013 at the Theater Festival Boulevard in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Besides playing concerts in the Netherlands, he also performed abroad in Ljubljana ( Slovenia ), Antwerpen, ( Belgium ) and Porto ( Portugal ).
    Tom is also active as a drumteacher and bandteacher. He teaches at Key4Music in Son and Best. It is great to inspire people with the blessing of making music!

    Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Holland